"If you believe in the power of good schools, if you believe in preserving our environment for future generations, if you believe in building a more inclusive community, and if you believe in progress and economic growth, then please: join me. We’re just getting started." -Katie Anderson
Katie's Commitment
Since my first term began in 2020, we have made tremendous strides in preparing for and mitigating climate change, restoring and expanding school funding, improving town services and assets, and updating environmental and water protections. Despite global financial challenges, we maintained a strong fund balance. We passed a budget that was fair to taxpayers in these trying times, while still allowing our municipal and school services to function at a high level.
However, we have more work to do. 
Looking forward, the next council will allocate rescue plan funds to new, innovative projects to ensure improved quality of life for our residents. We must continue investing in education, supporting our residents and town workforce, and helping the town navigate through crises like inflation and the protracted COVID pandemic. 


Drive Revenue:


Consider the economic challenges facing taxpayers in our protracted COVID crisis, with particular attention to the struggles facing individuals, families, and small businesses. Drive revenue and support commerce to help boost our local economy. Expand the commercial tax base within our town, and continue to evaluate development opportunities for Quonset and Post Road corridor in particular. Support sustainable, intentional, concentrated growth while maintaining the unique charm and natural beauty that defines North Kingstown.


Support our Workforce:


Continue to improve labor relations with unionized employees. Continue our track record of renegotiating reasonable contracts that are fair to our employees and taxpayers alike.


Ensure a Sustainable Future:


Protect infrastructure and natural resources, including the town’s water supply, for current and future generations. Ensure North Kingstown’s natural beauty – one of its strongest qualities – is preserved and upheld.


Support a Strong School System:


Maintain nurturing, rigorous, well-resourced learning environments that respect and respond to diverse backgrounds and learning needs, while caring for and supporting our teachers. Ensure our educators, parents, and students are equipped with the resources they need for a safe, healthy learning environment. Our community’s ability to grow and thrive depends on how effectively we educate and prepare our students. Consistently stellar schools attract and retain residents. 


Build Community:


Ensure North Kingstown remains a welcoming, safe community for all by promoting dialogue and understanding. Uplift and empower a diverse array of voices to ensure we are committed to anti-racism at the individual and systemic levels. Look for opportunities to expand mental health resources to ensure wellness for all our residents.

Katie's Platform